A Digital Critical and Synoptic Edition

James Joyce

Prepared by Hans Walter Gabler
with Wolfhard Steppe and Claus Melchior

Online edition by
Ronan Crowley and Joshua Schäuble



Among the earliest editions to enlist the systematic aid of the computer in the storage and collation processes, Ulysses: A Critical and Synoptic Edition (1984; rev. 1986) represents a pioneering effort in digital scholarly editing. Its aim was nothing less than the reconstruction of ‘Ulysses as Joyce wrote it’. Initially developed in TUSTEP, this important scholarly achievement now enjoys a new lease of life online. Welcome to the DCSE.

The diachronic information for each of the eighteen episodes is derived from the original digital data prepared for the 1984/86 edition. Since the mid-eighties this data has been migrated several times into evolving text-encoding standards, a practice neccessary to ensure that the data remained accessible by computers. Some of these interim data formats were less expressive than the annotation schema of the print edition. What this means is migration required simplifications of the genetic information. We are currently working on a full restoration of the original data in TEI P5. We encourage you to help us in this task by pointing out the mistakes you find when you work with our materials.

Some parts of the critical and synoptic edition (such as the apparatus and the historical collation) will be published on a rolling basis.

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